1760 Bellin Antique Map of Manchurian Empire, Mongolia, China, Sakhalin Islands

1760 Bellin Antique Map of Manchurian Empire, Mongolia, China, Sakhalin Islands

1760 Bellin Antique Map of Manchurian Empire, Mongolia, China, Sakhalin Islands

Carte De la Tartarie Orientale... 15in x 10in (380mm x 255mm). Paper thickness and quality: - Heavy and stable Paper color : - off white Age of map color: - Early Colors used: - Green, yellow, red General color appearance: - Authentic Paper size: - 15in x 10in (380mm x 255mm) Plate size: - 13in x 9in (330mm x 230mm) Margins: - Min 1/2in (6mm). Margins: - None Plate area: - Folds as issued Verso: - None. The 20 volumes cover the early explorations & discoveries on 3 continents: Africa v.

12-15 with material on the finding of the French, English, Dutch, and Portugese. A number of notable cartographers and engravers contributed to the copper plate maps and views to the 20 volumes including Nicolas Bellin, Jan Schley, Chedel, Franc Aveline, Fessard, and many others. The African volumes cover primarily coastal countries of West, Southern, and Eastern Africa, plus the Congo, Madagascar, Arabia and the Persian Gulf areas. The Asian volumes cover China, Korea, Tibet, Japan, Philippines, and countries bordering the Indian Ocean. Volume 11 includes Australia and Antarctica. Volumes 12-15 cover voyages and discoveries in America, including the East Indies, South, Central and North America. Volumes 16-20 include supplement volumes & tables along with continuation of voyages and discoveries in Russia, Northern Europe, America, Asia & Australia. Bellin, Jacques Nicholas 1703-72 Bellin was one of the most important cartographers of the 18th century.

With a career spanning some 50 years, Bellin is best understood as geographe de cabinet and transitional mapmaker spanning the gap between 18th and early 19th century cartographic styles. His long career as Hydrographer and Ingénieur Hydrographe at the French Dépôt des cartes et plans de la Marine resulted in hundreds of high quality nautical charts of practically everywhere in the world.

A true child of the Enlightenment Era, Bellin\\\'s work focuses on function and accuracy tending in the process to be less decorative than the earlier 17th and 18th century cartographic work. Unlike many of his contemporaries, Bellin was always careful to cite his references and his scholarly corpus consists of over 1400 articles on geography prepared for Diderot\\\'s Encyclopedie. Bellin, despite his extraordinary success, may not have enjoyed his work, which is described as \\\long, unpleasant, and hard. \\\ In addition to numerous maps and charts published during his lifetime, many of Bellin\\\'s maps were updated (or not) and published posthumously.

He was succeeded as Ingénieur Hydrographe by his student, also a prolific and influential cartographer, Rigobert Bonne. Please note all items auctioned are genuine, we do not sell reproductions. A Certificate of Authenticity (COA) can be issued on request.

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1760 Bellin Antique Map of Manchurian Empire, Mongolia, China, Sakhalin Islands